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Where we believe that the most meaningful foundation of life is, in fact, oneself. We’re here to remind you that self-love isn't just a luxury — it's a necessity.

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Our Story

Our journey began with our founder, Bobbi Vargas, a public speaker, celebrity makeup artist, and passionate advocate for wellness and beauty. After spending years helping others achieve their financial and beauty aspirations, she noticed a troubling pattern — people were reaching great heights of success, only to watch their achievements crumble due to health issues that could have been prevented with proper self-care and awareness.

She realized that the standard practices of self-care — working out, journaling, meditating — were no longer enough in our fast-paced world. Bobbi sought to create something more impactful, more in tune with the modern individual's needs.

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Bodela was born as a haven for those looking to rebuild and strengthen their foundations of health, wellness, and self-love. Bobbi invested years in scientific research, painstakingly developing products centered around holistic wellness and tranquility.

Our product line reflects the realization of her vision — a collection of self-care products and services designed to be integrated seamlessly into your daily life, amplifying your self-love and wellness journey.

"In the pursuit of wellness, remember that you are your most significant project and investment. Nurture your body, nurture your mind, and above all, love yourself deeply. That's the Bodela way." 

Bobbi Vargas

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