Brand Guidelines

We ask that you follow these Brand Guidelines, which are intended to promote consistent use of our Brand Assets. These guidelines also help protect Bodela’s intellectual property. If you don’t agree to these Brand Guidelines, you don’t have a right to, and shouldn’t, use any Brand Asset. You may only use Brand Assets that we expressly permit you to use. We may modify these Brand Guidelines at any time.


Brand Name:

  • Pronounced as Boe-dell-ah.
  • Bodela shall always be written as a single word.
  • The first letter of Bodela shall always be capitalized.

Logo Guidelines:

  •  The Bodela logo should never be cut off, placed behind other assets, or altered in any way.
  • There should be a clear perimeter free of any other graphic or asset around the Bodela logo.
  • The Bodela logo color shall never be altered in any way.



  • Use our Brand Assets to refer to Bodela in any written or visual representations of the brand

  • Write “Bodela” as a single word, and only capitalize the “B”.

  • Link to or other applicable URL when using our Brand Assets.


  • Use any Brand Assets in a way that suggests or implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement by Bodela unless permission is given beforehand.

  • Modify or alter any Brand Asset, including the color, shape, proportion or orientation thereof.

  • Incorporate any Brand Asset, or anything confusingly similar, into your trademarks, domain names, logos or similar content.

  • Use any Brand Asset in merchandise or other products such as clothing, hats or mugs.

  • Use trademarks, domain names, logos or other content that imitate or could be confused with Bodela or any of our other Brand Assets.

  • Feature Bodela on materials in connection with sexually explicit content or unlawful activity.